The amps presented are less prestigious and less well known amps than all our favorites
(Marshall, Fender, Vox, Ampeg, Hiwatt, Mesa, H&K, Soldano, etc.)
but they have percularities and are so rare that its interesting to show them.

Few musicians can boast having begun the electric guitar with very good equipment
and maybe have you played with one of them.
Companions to the first riffs and groups, these amps, soon forgotten are however memorable
because of their conception, appearence and performances.

From the 60's onwards, a lot of brands have flourished in Europe:
FBT, Eko, Sound, Corland, Akrosonic, Davoli, Gherson, Meazzi, Lem,
Wem, Gem, Emthree, Marad, Shade, Stimer, Garen, RV, etc.
Most are italian and attack the small and medium amps market.

From the begining of the 80's, the craze for big names, the lack of marketing,
and the arrival of the japanese will be a decisive blow to theses companies.

Being neither a collector nor a specialist,
I have simply saved the following amps from the trash, then restored them.
For those who like schematics, it is possible to download them in the PDF format.

Akrosonic 208 / Eko Herald 1 / Garen Clavier / Garen Contrast / Gem Deluxe 10 / Roost ST 22 / Steelphon / Stimer M6

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