Italian brand late 60's, this petite amp is equiped with two 6'' speakers. The Les Paul TV 59 gives an indication of its size.
The open-baffle is build with 6 mm plywood covered in cheap vinyl.
One distinguishing feature is the lack of fuse. When it starts to smoke, it is too late!

Not very usual on this side of the Atlantic, modifications on guitar amps are far from being common practice.
However, the original tone being dull, I decided to modifify the schematic to make it suitable for recording and jam sessions.
I have got rid of the tremolo, added Fender style tone controls, and a gain switch.
Now it has a good blues sound, despite a slightly agressive overdrive.
With less power ("boost off"), the "bright" position allows to play with an even shriller tone than my Princeton.

Akrosonic 208 schematic / modified Akrosonic 208 schematic
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