French brand, The chassis mounted on the base of the baffle is an heritage of the 40's. However, the Stimer is from the begining of the 60's... Extremely well finished, this amplifier is unique in its quality of manufacture: baffle interior lined with paper, enamel painted chassis mounted on rubber silent blocks, protection by electric bulb, choke. The presence of two 6AV6 is interesting. At the begining of the 60's, the manufacture of tube receivers stopped. This type of tube, specific to the receivers were sold in bulk very cheaply, around 0.08$. The 12AX7 still cost 0.8$.

The great electric bulb monitors the high voltage. The excessive idle current (50mA) of the output stage necessitates frequent retubing. With a hot powerful sound due to its alnico speaker, the M6 approaches the "hard" tones when it amplifies a guitar with double pickups.

Stimer M6 schematic
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