English brand, the Roost ST22 is from 1976. A design reminiscent of the right-on Hiwatt and a Marshall-oriented tone, throws us into the rock style of the 70's. Roost wanted to go further Marshall-like in its saturation and this amp is probably a precursor of the hi gain amps like Soldano or Mesa. Ease of use of the commands, no reverb, the top Roost is intended for grinding rhythmics and Metal followers seeking big sound on stage or in rehearsal.

The pre-amp has two inputs with separated volume controls and a general volume. This one does not react like a master volume: to take advantage of the amp saturation, you have to play loud.

The output stage is equipped with an EL34 quartet, which easily delivers 120W under 8 Ohms.The circuitery is implanted on a printed circuit board inside the chassis. This one is pre drilled and can receive 6 output tubes, probably for a bass head.The cabling is badly designed and creates a buzz. I struggled to modify it, in particular ground distribution, to make the amp quiet.

Earplugs required! This amp is not designed for choir-boys. Heavy metal before its time, the well compressed tone of the Roost will keep sustain amateurs happy. Playing rhythm, the clean and poweful bass changes radically the Marshall-like tone. Playing lead, the low buzz saturation is not agressive. A real joy!

Roost ST22 schematic
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