Garen is a well-known French brand. This model is an amp designed for keyboards but its universal character is also suited to the guitar. It has 3 inputs equipped, one for microphone. This one uses an EF86 penthode. In the middle of the 60's, this amp was expensive, and it's usual to use several.

A "super treble" switch complete a very classic tone section. The vibrato possesses 3 pre-selected speeds. It is less convenient and more complicated than a simple potentiometer, but infinitely more modern! The power amp is consists of an EL84 push pull with fixed bias. The Garen Clavier uses a 12" loudspeaker, which flattens the tone.

Costly design but faithful to this brand, the amp and the power supply are located in the bottom of the baffle, the pre-amp is mounted on the control panel.

Garen Clavier schematic
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