The Garen Contrast is an entry-level amp designed for guitar. As the Clavier model, the baffle with vented sides shows a successful and innovative aesthetic. The amp has a granited Tolex cover, a finish peculiar to this brand.

The electronics, though simple, are in two parts. The pre-amp is located under the control panel, the amp is fixed to the bottom of the baffle. This costly design is standard for Garen.

The pre-amp uses one EF86 for its input stage, a rare solution in guitar amps but common in the mic pre-amps from this time. This small penthode has also the possibility to be a microphonic. The tone circuit, baptised "Tone changer" on the control panel evokes the run up to the growing modern style at the end of the 60's. Besides this simplistic tone circuit, the amp is equipped with a "Super treble" switch.

A 12AX7 used as a cathodyn follower drives the power section. This one, identical to the "Clavier", but self-biased, produces around 10 watts and drives a 10 inch loudspeaker.

The brand's logo is "Garen - Stimer" stamped, a consequence of the fusion between the two manufacturers. From 1966, Stimer ceased to exist, but was necessary to retain brand recognition.

Garen Contrast schematic
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