The Italian Company GEM, designed this amp in the 60's. The Deluxe 10 conceals its nationality behind some unusuals details. Its name calls to mind a well known Fender model, the baffle has two Goodmans 6' speakers, the class A output stage uses a 6V6, rarely used in Europe but frequently in the USA. The same applies to the "antihum" switch. The baffle proportions are nice and balanced, the finishing is successful. All this adds to the pleasant side of this amp.

With the rear panel removed, the Deluxe 10 shows us its over sized transformers, probabely used on the most powerful models of the range. The big electrolytic capacitor allows effective filtering. In addition to the mains cord, GEM offered to connect the amp to earth with an external ground wire. This 1,5 meter long wire is hung from the chassis rear...

The tone of the amp is nice: smooth, thanks to the tubes, and punchy, due to the small diameter of the speakers. At high volumes, the overdrive produces a very compressed sound.

Gem Deluxe 10 schematic
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