The schems on this site were difficult to find and were drawn directly from the chassis.
You can take advantage of this work by a simple mouse click,
without thinking for hours needed to build this.
I've done it because I was happy to find on the web some schems I needed.

The first time, I built two banks of symbols in two sizes.
Starting from existing schems, I've worked on an attractive design and good legibilty.
Afterwards, I've drawn some schems to adjust symbols and characters then defined a chart.
This part was the longest. Typographers work similarly to create a font.

I try to put as much information as possible on my schems, while limiting the amount of reading.
Voltages are not always necessary but may help a technician on a breakdown.

The schematics library I prefer is from Tektronix from the 60's.
Their diagrams are really beautiful. The use of colors and a script font gives a clarity without equal.

My computer means are modest. I use Adobe Illustrator 6 and a Macintosh.
Illustrator is not dedicated for this work, but allows a better creativity than other specific software.

Thanks to René who has given me the two beautiful Garen schematics.

Many web sites offer a lot of amps and schematics in return for another schematic or financial contribution.
Owners of such pages download schems given on the net and sell them.
This is not honest because they don't own this material.
Remember, look before you buy or exchange a schem, maybe you'll find a better source...

I use this page to distribute other schems of various origins,
not very readable (photocopies, hand drawn, etc.)

MANHATTAN Bass : Power section (253K) / ROSS 15W : Preamp section (143K)
ROK'AXE Bass: 20W Power section (98K)

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