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Welcome! Obviously, we are here to talk about amplifiers and technical matters...

These pages deal with some of my favourite topics: Tube amps, electronics, sound.

The first instrument amplifiers are from the end of the 1930's.
Since, then we have seen and heard almost every amp imaginable, there have been marvels, duds, ingenious amps.
Through this site, i shall analyse some of them and try to put them in their historical context.

The technical side of this site will interest anybody who likes looking inside amps.
Technicians maintain, restore and modify amps.
This small world works in secret and, even if some books have been published on this subject,
it is nice to share tips or thoughts.

Enjoy the visit!

Last update : June 2004

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  • This site exists since 1995. It has been created by Hubert Liegeois.