The double bass amplification is an endless topic.
If we consider the instrument's size and the wave lenght at work,
one understand immediately that the final solution is not for tomorrow,
in particular concerning the loudspeakers.

The amplifier market dedicated to double bass has probabely been created by Walter Woods.
In front of the problems met by the bassists to transport their equipment,
Walter understood that making lighter amps necessitated the use of switching power supply.

This delicate solution were also used by Peavey and Gallien Krueger at the end of the 80's.
Today, this unpopular supply for audio circuits reappear in the high end sound reinforcement amplifiers.

With the success of portable amps, some brands have existed with more or less success.
This small panorama is for information only.
With the exception of Gallien or Acoustic Image combos,
this pages recall the main actors of this on going adventure.

This pages are obviously dedicated to the double bass players, the backbone of jazz music.

Walter Woods / Elin / D'Avallon / Charles, Walter and the others / Lieg

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