Walter, Charles and the others

The collective unconscious

One says frequently that minds meet, or ideas are born at the same time but in a different place. Of course a need creates an idea but a collective unconscious exists probably among engineers, and the small amp I present is maybe proof of that.

In 1975, Bernard T, a friend, decides to build for fun a compact head amp for a bass player friend. The specifications are simple: lots of watts in a small and light case, a clear tone without tone corrections. The solution, use a switching power supply with fixed frequency. One is built with bipolar transistors, a challenge at the time. The amp delivers 50Watts/8 ohms. The photo shows us this unique prototype. An aluminium case contains the electronics. The top face is winged and is used as a heat sink, a solution used since by Gallien Krueger on the famous " 112 " bass cubes.

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