Some nice sites:

Big site, for all concerning amps and effect. Lively with adverts, schematics, forum, links, it has everything.

The museum of Tektronix scopes
This site was lacking. Arnoult did it. A visit to the heart of this prestigious brand,
to the time when the 500 series was the Rolls of oscilloscopes.

Nat's schematics
One of the biggest sites containing schematics. Nat also gives official technical notes.
Enter with him into the top laboratories.

American old radios
Marc Gravière is a french collector of american rarios, so much so that he has equipped his house with two mains voltages : 110 and 220V!

In addition to modify his amps, Ken is one of the rare follower of the "from scratch" ("from nothing").
His site presents some of his projects.

Frederic sor's web page
Frederic likes guitars, small Fender amps and collects wind musical instruments. Contact him if you have a saxophone for sale!

Andrew's musician ressources
Andrew collects musical instruments links. If you are looking for something, go to his page.

Audio Nova
One of the most extensive lists of links to HiFi and audio sites.

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